Those who know me well would agree that a HUGE part of my wardrobe is workout attire! That’s because I am a walking advocate for healthy living (but mainly because I prefer being comfy hahahaha).

But seriously, becoming an advocate for healthy living wasn’t an easy journey for me.

It came about from a discovery that some of my skin issues were diet related. Like many, I wanted flawless, make-up optional skin. I wanted to be and look healthy as well as beautiful; without the need to pile on concealers and cakey foundations 24/7.

After much research and countless dollars spent on various products and specific foods, I discovered the best results were by way of quality natural products.  Finding efficient, high-quality, natural products was an expensive task and I want to help others avoid this expense.

So I developed Cali Beauty by Nature, a one-stop-shop for high-quality natural health and beauty products; carefully curated to address most common skincare issues. And for those, like myself, that love fashionable attire to enhance our natural beauty, Cali Beauty by Nature also offers superior clothing items creating the ultimate shopping experience.

Here at Cali Beauty by Nature, we are serious about making sure our products are of the highest quality and worth every dollar spent. So we take the time to research and test each product before adding to our offerings. That said, we will introduce new products gradually (yayy)!

The very first of these highly efficient natural products is the Dead Sea Mud Mask (finally)!  It is a product well-known for its health and beauty benefits. This healing Mud from the “Dead Sea,” pronounced Yam ha-Melah, in Hebrew, meaning "sea of salt" is from an enormous salt lake that cuts across Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan, east of Israel. The Dead Sea has been utilized for healing and skin cleansing purposes right from the days of Cleopatra. The name came from the fact that no living organism can survive this underwater environment due to the high salinity (Dead Sea).

Historically many people from the ancient times such as female pharaohs including the power pharaoh herself soaked their unhealthy body in the Dead Sea’s healing waters and come out healed or cleansed of their ailments. It is, therefore, no surprise that thousands of tourists from all over the world visit the Dead Sea, to witness the restorations of the sea's mud and salt crystals.

The healing properties of the Dead Sea Mud are concentrations of sodium, phosphates, bromides, and magnesium. These minerals are known, not only for their outstanding capability to boost skin conditions but also their ability to improve the overall health of your body. Researchers of the Dead Sea have suggested that the minerals from this giant salt lake, can provide a better quality of life for people with a condition in which there are dry, itchy patches of skin and scales.

The Dead Sea minerals also help to make the skin look healthy and dewy by hydrating it, by reducing inflammation and roughness.

Therefore, we begin our natural product offering with the powerful and efficient Dead Sea Mud Mask to help improve your health inside and out! (ane-wala)!

Purchase Cali Beauty By Nature - Dead Sea Mud Mask -product today, and you will be wowed by how refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated your skin looks and feels.

Remember, "Natural, beautiful, that is you."


Cali Beauty By Nature